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General terms and conditions
1. Introduction

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter GTC) contains the kyrashop.hu web site (hereinafter the Website) is available using the service recipient (hereinafter: User) by the conditions of use. To use the site's technical information is not included in these Terms and Conditions, available on the website communications providers. The use of this Site User acknowledges and accepts the GTC available.

2. The Service

Headquarters: groundfloor 1. 21/c Andor street, Budapest, H-1119, Hungary
Mailing address: groundfloor 1. 21/c Andor street, Budapest, H-1119, Hungary
Premises address: 53rd Bikszádi street Budapest H-1119 Hungary
Name of Representative: Krisztina Ledniczky
Company registration number: 01-09-934852
Registering Court name: Budapest Metropolitan Court
VAT number: 12448339-2-43
VAT number: HU12448339
Account-holding financial institution: CIB Bank Zrt.
Account number: HU65 1070 1506 4962 9103 5000 0005
IBAN: HU10-1070-1506-4962-9103-5110-0005
E-mail address: ledniczky.krisztina@gmail.com
Tel: +36-20/382-3406

3. Activity on the site

This site only possible online buying. Each order is deemed to be specific, we begin to fulfill the order when finalizing. On our products are manufactured in Poland for sale, which we buy at the Hungarian distributor network and delivered to customers. Our products are quality checked and packed after each case.

4. Terms and conditions

4.1. Responsibility
The user of the site may use and agree that the Service is not responsible for the material and non-material damage arising from the use at your own risk intentionally, by gross negligence or offense caused, and the life, limb, or health detriment szerződésszegéséért responsibility beyond.
The Provider disclaims all liability for the website certified by the website user behavior and user is fully and solely responsible for your own conduct.
The User is obliged to ensure that the rights of third parties or the law does not infringe either directly or indirectly during the use of the website.
content that may be taken by the user to access when using the Website (eg comments) of the Service Provider shall be entitled but not obliged to check the content posted in respect of the Service look for signs shall be entitled, but not obliged jogellennes carry on the business and not be held liable.
4.2. Copyrights
The site entirety (text, images, graphic elements, etc ...) are protected by copyright, such as copy, modify, distribute for commercial purposes is forbidden! All text and description of Christina Tara Kft. Property in the photos, product photos copyright the exclusive property of Manufactura Obsessive Poland. Any copying resulting, for commercial purposes in the manufacturer's permit to be, otherwise the legal consequences ensue.

5. Purchase on the website

5.1. Ordering process

The website provides product presentations, and online ordering options for the user. The site allows you to browse the User menu. The products are sorted by category can be found in the system. The specials are available all categories in the store specials can be found. For each product separately in the initial action and expiration date or start date and subject to availability flag. More can be found under the menu item cheaper the products to the store which provides volume discount for ordering multiple items. The New menu item can be found on the website offering emerging products.
Click on a category name to the list of products included in mounting displayed. If all the products in that category do not fit on one page, you can try using the numbers above and below in the products. The list of products on a detailed product page by clicking on the name of the product is available in detailed information about the characteristics of the price of the ordered product.
The site provides product search by keyword. Matching search results similar to the product category lists appear properly.
The chosen product in the shopping cart button to be placed in the basket next to the button the required number of units can be set. The user can check the contents of the basket of the cart page to provide. You can change the fact that the product in the basket you want to assign the quantity or remove the item. The Empty Cart button it is possible to empty the basket is full. A user clicking on the Order button to continue the purchase process. As a second step it is possible to enter, register and purchase without registration.
For registration and purchase without registration the user must provide the following information: name, email address, phone number, billing address and shipping address if different. To register, in addition to the above data, a password is required to enter. The successful registration of the user's e-mail and website information. The user may request cancellation of the registration of e-mail service provider, in this case a new purchase you need to register again. The data access is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the user. You are responsible for updating the data and is required to report to the Service if it becomes aware that a third party has misused the data. In case of a forgotten password on the home page request a new password to your registered e-mail address. If the user has already been registered on the website, the ordering process your e-mail address and password by entering continue.
The offer next step, the user has to select the appropriate payment for and delivery method. A user with a summary page lets you review all previously entered data, and you want to order products, the quantities thereof. In a data entry errors by using the pencil icon to edit your entered data. When satisfied, you can finalize your order button to order. From this site or receive an email confirmation. If (eg .: a confirmation e-mail) notice after the order fixing faulty data it immediately, but it is required to indicate to the Service within 24 hours.
regardless of the user's intentions order to access the Customer Login window or the Log menu, you can perform. After changing a data entry menu appears where you specified during registration can be amended and the purchase order details and can track your progress.
On our site does not currently work, pay by credit card, we are currently working on this. If available, somehow, try to introduce in 2017. After the introduction of cash registers will be accessible provider payment function as an option.
You can also save your shopping cart in a subsequent purchase, but you can also assign a specific delivery date, which shall not exceed 30 days.
Some purchases will be rewarded with a coupon that could work and enforce these purchases from the total. Special discount coupons found on our facebook page, which are special conditions of use, always in accordance with the relevant coupon.

5.2. Tender, confirmation

The Service informs the User About verifying within 48 hours. If the user does not receive it within 48 hours of confirmation, the user is exempt from subject to contract, the ordered products are not obligated to accept. A confirmation e-mail contains information provided during the purchase, the order data, the ordered product (s) name, the price, the preferred payment and shipping methods, order number, and in addition, comments about a user ordering.

5.3. Conclusion of Contract

it is possible to conclude the contract in Hungarian. The ordering a contract concluded by electronic means, CVIII 2001 on certain aspects on electronic commerce services and information society services. properly governed by the Act. The contract is covered by Regulation 45/2014 (II.26.) Korm. On the detailed rules of contract between the consumer and the enterprise belongs and keep the European Parliament on the rights of consumers and of the Council 2011/83 / EU Directive, the provisions in mind.
The Service in addition to the automated confirmation e-mail sent to the User by a second email (accepting a separate e-mail) within 48 hours, which allows users to offer accepted, and so a separate e-mail on the conclusion of the contract by the offer Provider arrival It is established and not by e-mail on an automatic order confirmation of the arrival of within 48 hours.

5.4. The contract was registered

contract through the website does not constitute a written contract, the Service does not cut it, not subsequently available.

5.5. Invoice

The Service issues a paper invoice by the customer upon receipt of the order to get it. For forward references to the amount of the advance invoice is generated, delivered by e-mail.
We work in the near future with the introduction of online accounts, which after the purchase confirmation e-mail is attached in pdf format to the Customers' disposal, as well as their account is logged on to achieve it and make it available to them at a later date.
If the user to a separate account for each item you want to ask, you will need to order them separately, there is a possibility of e-invoicing without a specific, in this case indicate the different billing requirements of the order. The accounts have been drawn up, and subsequently delivered, we can not be changed.

5.6. Payment

5.6.1. Forward references

This payment method acceptance and any supplier selected. In such cases, we will send a prepayment request, please sorszámánra a reference to the amount of the company's bank account mentioned. If the forward references bill advances we issue the order supplied packaged with the original final invoice.
Beneficiary Name: Christina Tara Kft.
Beneficiary bank: CIB Bank Zrt.
Beneficiary Account Number: 10701506-49629103-51100005
If the amount is not received within 14 days, we canceled and considered null and void, applies in this case the intention of the cancellation of the customer order.

5.6.2. c.o.d.

Currently, COD is only possible in the case of delivery of the Pick Pack Point, where the Pick Pack Point may settle the amount of the Buyer's order.

5.6.3. Cash on the spot

Currently we do not have the cash payment option.

5.7.1. Pick Pack Point of delivery

The delivery of correspondence, Delivery of Spades Pakk center. The shop describes the product delivery time during the checkout process, as well as the confirmation e-mail is included. The delivery date is possible to match the confirmation e-mail you the phone number or other contact details on.
Delivery methods: point of Spades Pakk
Within 24-48 hours after the arrival of the product: Delivery time:
For international transport only possible in the European Union. These special inquire at the info@kyrahaloszobaja.hu!
The product is received, the user must check that the product is free from damage. If you experience damage to the packaging of the product, the user may apply to the delivery point protocol because the feed point of receipt of the product, with proof of receipt documents by signing up quantitative and qualitative acceptance of the product, which means that on receipt of the User may only right of withdrawal, so that after the departure of the person making the delivery the Service subsequently quantity and quality of complaint is not able to accept.
If the takeover visibly damaged packaging or product and the damage incurred prior to the receipt of the goods, product take-back or replacement free of charge from the Service. detected on receipt injury is not responsible for the Service Provider!
Shipping costs: until 20.000, - Ft to 1190,-HUF cost, between 20001-40000, - Ft is 1390,-HUF cost, over 40000,-HUF the cost of transport is free.
Following delivery of the ordered products arrive within 48-72 hours.
The Service - in the absence of a different agreement - after the conclusion of the contract without delay, but no later than the consumer is required to make available (or deliver) the product within thirty days. If the Provider is entitled to additional time delay Consumer staple. If the Service does not perform within the second deadline, the consumer is entitled to cancel the contract. The Consumer staples no extension of time shall be entitled to cancel the contract if the contract was denied by the Service Provider or the contract specified performance time as agreed between the parties or the destination of the service recognizable reason - and sometimes not - should have been completed.

5.7.2. Post registered mail

For each order containing one or two pieces of product are through the Hungarian Post, registered mail is delivered.
until 20,000,- HUF the post cost is 890,-Ft
until 40.000,- HUF the post cost is 1290,- Ft
40.000, - HUF for orders over FREE OF CHARGE!

5.7.3. Personal pick up

Currently pick is not solved our store. Thank you for your understanding!

6. Right of withdrawal

6.1. the exercise of withdrawal rights march

The provisions of this section only to the trade, profession or outside his scope of business apply to natural persons who buy goods, orders, receives, uses, resort and commercial communications relating to the goods, offer addressed (the consumer).
to cancel the contract without giving reasons within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of product, services and more products when the product was last supplied by the consumer or indicated by a third party other than the carrier.
Consumer exercises his right of conclusion of the contract withdrawal period between the date and the date of receipt of the product.
If a consumer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal, containing a clear statement of intention of cancellation is required to be sent to (for example, by mail, fax or sent electronically, by mail) to the contact details indicated in paragraph 1 of this Terms and Conditions for use of the Service. For this purpose, the consumer may use the order confirmation e-mail attached withdrawal form - pattern. The consumer exercises his right of withdrawal within the time limit, if you send to the Service Provider's statement of withdrawal before the expiry of the above deadline.
The consumer bears the burden of proving that exercising the right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions set out in section 5.
In both cases, the Service Provider by e-mail immediately confirm the cancellation of the declaration of the Consumer's arrival.
In the case of written withdrawal deadline it would be considered validated if the Customer the statement to this effect (up to 14 calendar days) sends the Service Provider within 14 calendar days.
In the case of post marking the occasion of the posting date, via e-mail or fax to the notification e-mail or fax sending time account for the calculation of the period in terms of services. The Consumer's letter by recorded delivery post office gives to the satisfaction of proving the date of dispatch.
In case of cancellation, the consumer is required to the ordered goods without undue delay, the provider's address indicated in point 1, but returned later than 14 days from the date of notification of the declaration of withdrawal. The deadline is deemed to have been observed if the consumer is sent (mailed to or hand over the ordered courier) before the 14-day deadline for the moment.
Service at the address to return the product cost to the consumer. The Service sent the package on delivery is not in a position to take over. In addition to the cost of returning the product in connection with the cancellation of the consumer for any other costs not charged.
If the consumer cancels the contract immediately, but not later than the consumer within 14 days of the withdrawal declaration of the receipt of the Service Provider shall refund all remuneration made by the consumer, including freight (shipping for delivery paid) expenses, excluding the additional costs that concern arose, that consumer choice offered by the Service, other than the usual transport mode cheapest mode of transport. The Service Provider is entitled to a refund as long to hold back until you have regained your product or the consumer can not credibly demonstrated that he sent back: whichever of the services take into account the earlier date.
The refund in the original form of payment transactions used the same method of payment used by the Provider, unless the consumer different means of payment expressly gives consent; For the application of this method refund the consumer any additional costs not charged.
The consumer shall only be liable for diminished value of the product occurred if the use is due to excess use for the product, the nature, characteristics and functioning of the toy.

6.2. In which case the consumer does not benefit from the right of withdrawal

In a contract for services after the completion of the service as a whole if the Provider commenced the performance of the Consumer express prior consent of the consumer and noted that following completion of the service as a whole loses its right of termination.

A product or a service, which costs or fees can not be influenced by financial market services, depending on the possible fluctuation during the 14-day deadline for withdrawal.
For non-prefabricated product, which was produced by the Service Provider, or for a product that is clearly tailored to the user's identity based on the consumer's request or explicit instructions.
A sealed packaged product in respect of which can not be returned after the resolution of health or hygiene reasons after the transfer.
A product in respect of which by their nature are inextricably compound after transfer to other products.
Locked packaged audio or video recordings or computer software and selling copies of respect if, after the transfer of the Consumer unsealed.
Newspapers, journals and periodicals, with the exclusion of subscription contracts.
digital data content to non-tangible media, where these services began to express the consumer's prior consent of the performance and the consumer's consent to this at the same time expressed its involvement to note that after the commencement of the performance loses his right of withdrawal.
If the shop contractual obligation is not met, the goods specified in the contract because it is not available, or the ordered service is not able to provide, it shall inform the customer. The shop does not enter into a contract with minors. In order to serve our customers with the only minors over 18 years. The client appears in Press "Yes" to declare that the terms of trade and the adoption of a landing page that legal age and over 18 years old. Otherwise, our company and the website operator do not assume responsibility.
The customer can withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 15 working days. The customer's right of withdrawal from the date on which the goods ordered. The seller is obliged to the amount paid by the customer without delay, and to refund within thirty days after the cancellation.
The customer shall bear the costs arising from the return of goods for exercising the right of withdrawal. The return shipping costs paid by the buyer! Our company does not accept cash on delivery, port baggage. The customer in addition, other costs not charged. However, the vendor may demand damages resulting from improper use of the goods. If the right of withdrawal based on returned goods is not perfect, re-salable condition, the customer liable for damage if the state of deterioration of the goods, to ruin or reproducing different impossibility of deliberately or negligently caused. Exceptions to the hygienic underwear, which will only be returned unopened to the vendor, felpróbálatlan state.
If, during the product Resolution person who effected the service (postal delivery, courier) in a show that has been shown to hurt, and damage was incurred before receipt of the goods, product take-back, sales provide immediate deletion. Any kind of injury, content shortfall in the delivery of mail should contain the facts Protocol between the donor-recipient! Subsequent tartalomhiányért can not possibly assume responsibility for injury!
17/1999 on the exercise of this right. The text (II.5.) Government Decree may download the National Authority for Consumer Protection's website.
For hygiene reasons underwear, bathing suits, stockings, tights clothes, shoes and imitation jewelery bontat¬lan only in original packaging, in unused condition cseré¬lünk. Brand Illustrious pouch or gift box, hologram factory and products with labels intact ki¬zárólag, branded packaging items, regularly állapotá¬ban not used to buy back or exchange about. In case of enforcement of the buy-back guarantee shop on a product refund the purchase price in the form of bank transfer not later than 30 days after the cancellation. The customer bears for exercising the right of withdrawal of the goods költ¬ségeket incurred to service.
Please note that the product can be taken back or exchanged only with an invoice. The bill please placed near the goods returned. Furthermore, we assume no size exchange pursuant to 45/2014 (II.26) Consumer Protection Act.

for exercising the right of withdrawal, the goods costs incurred in connection with the return shall be borne by the customer in any case, other costs can not be charged additionally. According to the government decree provisions, the right of withdrawal in the following cases shall not be exercised: For a product that is subject to the consumer's personalized, and which is prepared based on the consumer's instructions, or at the specific request or which can not be returned by nature.

7. Warranty

7.1. supplies warranty

A user in case of defective performance of the Service against the undertaking accessory warranty of exercise, according to Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code provisions.
In case of a consumer contract to the consumer user can validate qualifying under two-year limitation period from the date of receipt of the warranty claims, for those product defects which existed at the time of transfer of the product already. Two-year limitation period beyond the warranty to enforce the rights the user should not know.
For non-contract concluded with a consumer of its warranty on the user's needs under the one-year limitation period from the date of receipt. In case of products Hazsnált this deadline three months but less than one year.
The User - the choice - needs the following supplies shelf live: You can ask for repair or replacement, unless they are elected by the performance of customer demand for the company would be impossible or disproportionate to the need to fulfill other additional costs. If the repair or replacement of the user did not ask for, nor sought, it may require delivery of proportionality or the issue of the remuneration of the enterprise at the expense of the user can correct or corrected or else - ultimately - it may withdraw from the contract.
The user shall guarantee the right of choice also revert to another, but the cost of the transition bears the user, unless it was justified, or that the company has given rise.
The User is obliged error immediately, but not later than the failure to communicate within two (2) months after the discovery of the discovery.
The user can enforce directly against the undertaking warranty claim consumables.
In case of detected error is presumed within six months of the performance (ie, delivery, taking over after) that the defect existed at the date of settlement, unless that presumption error character, or product nature incompatible. The Service can only be exempted from the guarantee if this presumption is tilted, that proves that the product defect arose after transfer of the User. On this basis, the supplier is not bound to the user's complaint is upheld, if sufficient evidence showing that the cause, not the consequence of misuse of the product. However, six months after the execution of the burden of proof is reversed, that is, in case of dispute, the User has to prove that the defect existed at the date of settlement.

7.2. Product warranties

Product warranties may arise only in the event of the sale of goods (products) fault. In this case, the consumer is classified as a user - the choice - of 7.1. enforceable rights or claims of product as defined above.
Product liability claims, the user can request only the defective product repair or replacement.
A product is considered defective if it does not meet quality standards or to force in marketing, you do not have properties in the manufacturer's specification.
User can validate a product liability claim within two (2) years from the date the product is placed on the market by the manufacturer. After this deadline will lose this right.
The user needs to the product only be exercised against the sale of goods manufacturer or dealer.
In case of enforcement of product failure of product demand, the User has to prove.
The manufacturer (distributor) will be exempt from product liability only if it can demonstrate that:
• The product is made is not his business, or placed on the market or
• the failure of science and art at the time of the offering was not recognizable or
• error of law or a product resulting from the application of the mandatory regulatory requirements.
The manufacturer (distributor) the exemption is sufficient to prove a reason.
For the same error kellékszavatossági of product demand and at the same time, in parallel can not be enforced. However, for the effective enforcement of product demand kellékszavatossági demand for the product replaced or repaired parts the user can enforce against the manufacturer.

7.3. Warranty

Warranty regarding mandatory for certain durable goods 151/2003 on the mandatory guarantees for durable consumer goods. (IX. 22.) Government Decree contains regulations.. The scope of the Regulation (tangible) and sold only applies to the products listed in the Annex to the Regulation under the new contract customers in Hungary.
durable goods listed in Annex A government decree in respect of the mandatory 1-year warranty, which is the starting date of the product to the consumer or the date when the transfer of commissioning services performed by or on behalf of, the commissioning date.
The company from warranty obligations shall only be exempted if it can prove that the defect occurred after the performance.
For the same error in the user's kellékszavatossági and warranty claims, product liability and warranty claims and at the same time, simultaneously not claim, by the way, however, the user's rights arising from this warranty is 7.1. and 7.2. shall enjoy whatever privileges, as defined above.

7.4. Warranty, enforcement of warranty claims

The warranty on the user's needs can enforce the following contacts:
Mailing address: groundfloor 1. 21/c Andor street, Budapest, H-1119, Hungary
Tel: +36-20/382-3406
E-mail address: ledniczky.krisztina@gmail.com

8. Enforcement options

8.1. Complaint-location, time, method

The user of the product or consumer complaints relating to the activities of the Service may submit the following contacts:
Mailing address: groundfloor 1. 21/c Andor street, Budapest, H-1119, Hungary
Tel: +36-20/382-3406
E-mail address: ledniczky.krisztina@gmail.com
The Service verbal complaint when it has the opportunity to remedy immediately. If an immediate remedy to the verbal complaint is not possible, due to the nature of the complaint or when the user's handling of the complaint do not agree, then the Protocol Service of the complaint - takes up - with a substantive reply which was five years in the complaint.
The Service a copy of the protocol presented personally (business premises) in case of a verbal complaint to the User to deliver locally, or, if not possible, it is obliged to act according to the rules set out below written complaint.
The Service, the User shall send a copy of the Protocol on the merits at the latest at the same time answer the phone or in the case of a verbal complaint reported using other electronic communications service.
In all other cases, the Service Provider shall act in accordance with the rules of the written complaint.
The phone or other communications device recorded the complaint provided by the Service Provider unique identifier which simplifies subsequent retrieval of the complaint.
The Service received a complaint in writing to answer the merits within 30 days. Under the measure this contract represents the mailed.
In case of rejection of the complaint on the grounds for the rejection of Service informs the User.

8.2. Other enforcement options

If that may exist between the providers and users of consumer dispute is not resolved during the negotiations with the Service, the following enforcement options open to users:
Complaints to the Consumer Protection Authority,
initiatives (responsible for the headquarters of Service Arbitration Board contact information should be provided) of the arbitration board,
initiation of court proceedings.

9. Other

9.1. GCC, changing prices

The GCC Provider, prices and other rates on this website are distributed products may at any time change is not retroactive, the change will take effect after publication on the website and are valid only after the transaction to take effect.

9.2. technical limitations

The website assumes the purchase of the part of the user's Internet capabilities and limitations of knowledge and acceptance, particularly with regard to technical performance and resulting errors. The Supplier shall not be liable if for any malfunction of the Internet network is detected, which prevents the operation of the website and purchase.

9.3. Privacy policy

The service provider's privacy policy can be found at: https://kyrashop.hu/shop_help.php?tab=privacy_policy


These General Terms and Conditions of entry into force date: 20 November 2016.

Privacy Policy
Privacy Statement

The information you provide in the online store operator Kyra's bedroom, Christina Tara Kft. Stores only to fulfill the order, the order conditions to prove, or for sending newsletters. Your data will not be passed unless it is to fulfill the contract alvállalkozónkként is involved, eg. A third party courier services, Magyar Posta, who Lapker data received from Christina Tara Ltd. Plc., in no way entitled to use, store, or passed on to third parties. Data management we proceed in accordance with Act LXIII on the protection and public disclosure of data Personal data for 1992.

The ownership
We declare that Christina Tara Kft. Holds information on pages shown. the content and design of the pages www.kyrahaloszobaja.hu protected by international and Hungarian laws. It is also forbidden information from us, goods for sale, alteration and re-published in any form. any further material published on our right is maintained and, if necessary validate up in court as well.
Those who register in our shop, our privacy statement and accepted for, agrees.
Customer data entering, subscribe to the newsletter at the same time contributing to Kyra's bedroom on the web personalized product offers, advertising materials send, gathered statistical data capture, respecting and caring personality rights. If the customer does not require this information, we may ask you a message sent to the Store (specified during the registration e-mail address). In this case, the Shop Customer is obliged to respect the request and to send no more such deals in any form.
Hereinafter, the Online Store Owner Kyra's bedroom it is created with data protection principles under which the utmost discretion and as safely (in compliance with applicable law) to protect your visitors and customers' personal information.
You have the right to limit or prohibit the fact that the Website are given personal information to use in your bedroom Kyra online store owner, its record. You have the right to Kyra's bedroom Online store since they seek to erase personal data from the Site. requests in this regard, please contact the site entrance page you can e-mail to let us know.
The Customer undertakes to provide to the web shop is real and accurate data only. Shop the data to fulfill the order, the order conditions to prove the purpose of sending newsletters or store.
The Website may contain items that are requested by your visitors contact information (names, nicknames, or e-mail addresses). In specified, qualify as personal data is subject to data contained herein; these data are protected in this Privacy Statement.

Registration may be canceled
Of course, we enable our visitors, customers for the registration and the benefits that that entails cancellation of which is the following: The contacts (contact) specified on customer service e-mail address or other contact in one please indicate intention to do so. After that, the request will erase all data from our system, do not make a copy of it and to terminate all your direct communication channel.

Kyra content of substances in the bedroom department store Web pages, photos and data protected by copyright. Copy to all forms of data storage systems, disclosure to other Internet sites, use of any form - far exceeds personal use - without the prior written permission of Web store made Kyra's bedroom. This website includes the following authors protected under copyright text, graphic, or other creations include: Christina Tara Kft.
placed on the website all images, text, audio and video material are protected by copyright. Unauthorized copying without Christina Tara Kft. DO NOT consent of the operator, and this PTK. LXIII provisions of the Act on the Protection of the public interest and disclosure of data Personal data for 1992 for the benchmark.

General liability limitations
Kyra's bedroom store Web pages can all be visited at your own risk or use. Kyra's bedroom any false or misleading disclosed tartalomból- store Web pages, Web sites and services használatából-, the inability to use állapotából-, meghibásodásából-, szüneteléséből- or cessation of activities due to users over any loss, damages shall not be liable with direct or potential consequences. (These findings do not apply to a separate agreement or contract our services regulated. - With which act in the context of Kyra's bedroom Webshop contracts in accordance with and comply)

Kyra's bedroom Web store using the services of users take note that during the transmission of data may be lost, destroyed, or falls into the wrong hands, and because of the Internet public nature of foreign intrusion may occur in the system, so the recorded data (including personal information) unauthorized persons may be . In such cases, Web store at Kyra's bedroom no liability, risk, this way the user is aware of this risk and the Service, you should undertake.
We always make every effort to ensure that data is safe and associated with our position and our website will be updated regularly treated and systems professionals. The data are not given voluntarily by a third party - except the authorities, if that is the appropriate authorization or license.
Please note that bedroom Kyra Web store this website may only be used in case of adoption of the above!

How to buy? 
Lingerie Dictionary

"Here you will find the LINGERIE DICTIONARY, which will help you to interpret the names and terms that my bedroom is located.


Aqua Bra

A variation of the push-up bra, bra where the work basket filled with water or gel cushion material. This enlarges breasts. The disadvantage of these bras are often very heavy.

Aqua BH

Swimwear bra top brace.

Aqua Slip

Classic swimsuit bottom.

Aqua Soft

Without swimwear bra top brace.

Aqua Tankini

Swimsuit top. (Felsőruhának can be worn)


Close-fitting one-piece undergarment. On the one hand some people there is no transition between the undershirt and slip.


Short underwear top, leaving free the navel, sporty and fashionable shape. Bustier cookies in the same breast by creating well prepared. The undershirt or bra alternative.

Reinforced bra

Depositors time their breast cup insert the entire surface pads are installed, which optically enlarge the breasts. The cushion pad is made from lightweight, breathable, soft, synthetic material, which makes for easy, breezy wear.


Translation: Bra


Lower/underwear panties


Spaghetti-strapped top.
Translation: cotton products. The cotton plant, a natural substance which has superior properties. The cotton material itself is pleasant to wear.
hip-length upper length; braces and removable shoulder strap. Mainly worn during wedding and evening dresses, mostly very fine lace.
Flexible or rigid underwear bottoms, which are open to the step, that is not the crotch. The task of the posterior girdles and formatting and submission of a hip.
Zigzag stitches
First of all modes of sewing lace, sewn-in labels, bands, rubber bands and the lowered sewing hand.
In short: women's bra. When buying pay attention to determine the right size, so be sure to size the table. The bra size so our conclusions: Bust measured during the height of the nipple is subtracted from the measured value. The difference can be based on the size of the cup size A, B, C or D, and the number recorded during the bust size.
Dessous (lingerie)
French term meaning lingerie. Women's lingerie and corsets fashionable name products.
Embossed basket
One of the technical possibilities of the basket seamless production. under heat and pressure effect on the material permanently compressing the breast shape. The embossed basket has no seams, which átnyomódhatnak the upper clothing.
The body format proportionally without the transition between the upper and lower part. Closed and open versions can be made.
The elastic fibers collective term. These fibers are characterized by high flexibility. Extremely extensible and also provides high-retracting force. These fibers are not stretched.
Fine reps
Underwear raw materials, fine ribs on both sides. The ribbing fabric goes particularly well and takes on the shape of the body.
Fond de Robe
During the Fond de Robe style of bra bras custom-made brace understand. Mostly, the shoulder straps of lace embellishment continues to ensure a fashionable and noble appearance.
Corsets Pants
Short or pants shank shape as the abdomen, hips and thighs. applying the elastic material does not prevent the movement
Underwear Bag
Mesh-like small sacs. When washing the delicate undergarments can do it, so it can be prevented that the washing machine mangle your underwear. This is recommended for all lingerie and delicate fabrics.


Size Chart

Here are the products we sell, according to the manufacturer size chart! SHOP conscious! ASK YOURSELF OR Measure before you buy!
If you are unsure, seek counsel Kristina Ledniczky the following contacts: info@kyrahaloszobaja.hu or 06-20-3823406

Obsessive ™ Universal size: Weight: 45-75kg, Waist: 57-72 cm Hips: 85-100 cm, under breast district: 70-80 cm, Bust: 80-110 cm, Cart: B - C
Obsessive ™ S / M size: 34-36-38 confection size
Obsessive ™ L / XL size: ready to wear size 40-42
Obsessive ™ XXL size: ready to wear size 44-48


Thong panty

Size waist size (cm) hip size (cm)
S or 36 54-64 82-92
M or 38 64-74 92-104
L or 40 74-84 104-114
XL or 42 84-94 114-126


Bra overall size chart
during Breast Size
circumference (cm) Breast Peak circumference (cm)

Size Under brust size (cm) Breast oversize (cm)
65 63-67 77-79 79-81 81-83 83-85 85-87 -
70 68-72 82-84 84-86 86-88 88-90 90-92 92-94
75 73-77 87-89 89-91 91-93 93-95 95-97 97-99
80 78-82 92-94 94-96 96-98 98-100 100-102 102-104
85 83-87 97-99 99-101 101-103 103-105 105-107 107-109
90 88-92 102-104 104-106 106-108 108-110 110-112 112-114
95 93-97 107-109 109-111 111-118 113-115 115-117 117-119
100 98-102 112-114 114-116 116-118 118-120 120-122 122-124
105 103-107 117-119 119-121 121-123 123-125 125-127 127-129
110 108-112 122-124 124-126 126-128 128-130 130-132 132-134


LivCo Corsetti products:
S / M - Hip: 85-100cm, Waist: 57-72cm, Bust: 80-95cm, Basket: A-B, Height: 145-172cm, Weight: 45-60kg
L / XL - Hips: 100-119cm, Waist: 72-98cm, under the breast girth: 80-99cm, Basket B-C, Height: 145-172cm, Weight: 60-85kg
S - Hip: 88-93cm, Waist: 62-68cm, Bust: 84-88cm, guard: A
M - Hip: 94-98cm, Waist: 69-74cm, Bust: 89-92cm, Cart: B
L - Hip: 99-104cm, Waist: 75-78cm, Bust: 93-96cm, Basket B-C

About us

Service details:
Company name: Christina Tara Kft.
Mailing service, returning goods Address: 1119 Budapest, Andor utca 21 / c fszt.1.
Company registration number: 01 09 934852
Name of the court: Metropolitan Court of Budapest
Availability: info@kyrahaloszobaja.hu, + 36-20-382-3406
VAT number: 12448339-2-43, EU tax number: HU12448339

We are currently available in Hungary, and is primarily intended to address domestic population. But we deliver to European Union countries as well. From the following contacts inquire! We are at our customers' disposal 24 hours a day online availabilities. We provide a convenient shopping directly from his home, family and friends setting up a workplace.

Customer Contact:
Monday - Friday from 10:00 to 16:00
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays we are closed.
Personal counseling and courses: www.kyracat.com

Availability: info@kyrahaloszobaja.hu, + 36-20-382-3406


Our team:

Krisztina Kyra Ledniczky
Owner and coach





Mobile: +36-20-382-3406













Please contact us for cooperating partners!
If you want to work with them to advertise or market our products so send your contact information to the address info@kyrahaloszobaja.hu. Also think specify what form our cooperation!


Warranty conditions
Malta WARRANTY for purchase. Our products are sold in accordance with the rules in force in Hungary warranty! We sell products, so the warranty, the manufacturer shall ensure that importers of Hungary for you. So you can enjoy the security and product support in the background. Only this kind of guarantee will ensure that, if necessary, your product professionally repaired as soon as possible or we replace it if the importer chooses!
Under the relevant legislation minimum of 6 months warranty compulsory for every new product we sell. The longer warranty period for the product concerned are indicated separately! The warranty period beginning on the invoice appears in completion time and date of receipt of the product. According to the consumer protection standards observed within 72 hours in case of failure of the products required to replace the defective product to the distributor.
Warranty claims the joint presentation of the documents listed below are enforceable:
- A factory, unopened and undamaged packaging of this product, logo, hologram logo
- A copy of the invoice
We can not accept a warranty claim in case of partial or total lack of them! Trying on lingerie, stockings and supplies, as well as packaged product expanded decide not to change hygiene reasons.

The warranty issue is returned to our company for our suppliers to ensure the product is transferred to our company warranty backgrounds who arranges these repair process as soon as possible in compliance with the relevant legislation. The warranty repairs, overhauls turnaround time is typically 1-2 weeks, but the vendor reserves the right to justified cases, this period may be longer.

The 72-hour replacement applies only to products, the failure of which presumably was based on sewing and manufacturing defect. To avoid replacement failures resulting from improper use (eg torn. When fit-on an inappropriate size selection etc) manufacturers, distributors only undertake the exchange of the product according to the official opinion.
Accordingly, in case of failure to forward within 72 hours of the product:
The perceived failure must be reported to the vendor (seller), the manufacturer / importer phone number. If based on the investigation of the distribution of the application is warranted, the manufacturer must undertake an immediate replacement of the product. If it is clear that the failure occurred within 72 hours of production as a result then of course we provide immediate substitution.
The costs of the return guarantee in all cases the purchaser's expense. Of course, if it turns out after they are returned to anyaghibáról or subject to the terms and conditions of warranty issue, so you can shop reimburse the cost of transportation. repaired by a third party, or improper handling, setting and not covered by the warranty conditions of the problems we're unable to reimburse the cost of transportation. If the warranty or guarantee period for a given product has not been named, is to inquire by phone or warranty Warranty standing commitment to customer service.


Size Exchange - Exchange Service
all products are available in well-defined based on the size chart is available from the web site and it's products. If the buyer is uncertain email and phone you can also ask your dealer for assistance. After the product size you select and order in the contract, and custom orders are considered tlétrejöttnek. According to Poland to fulfill the order. In case of replacements for size change, change is possible only if the distributor of transport, delivery and shipping service has not started. This Code is applied for orders after the date of 1 January 2015, due to the irresponsible, non-conscious buyers. Product samples, test the possibility of the same date possible KyraCat Studio, where necessary and colleagues appointment are the customers' disposal. Otherwise, only due to the fault of the manufacturer of sewing or manufacturing defect because of exchange guarantee, size error. Due to the Buyer's mistake, we can not replace size!


The 1959 IV. Law of the Civil Code of the Republic Hungary for all newly purchased products for a 2 year expiration date, provided that the consumer contract is concluded that for purposes contracting person besides his trade or profession - the consumer - is created between, and a person who (a) of the agreement among economic or professional activities are connected.
The terms of the warranty of the Civil Code and 49/2003. GKM is included. The web store includes warranty obligation if the product sold at the time of the performance does not meet the characteristics specified by law or contract.
The warranty conditions for enforcement, if the parties regarding the origin of the error disagree, the obligation for the consumer to prove the origin of the error (Opinion). It presumed to be within six months of the performance that the detected defects existed already at the time of completion. During this period, the obligation to prove to the web store.
If the consumer knew of the mistake at the time of contracting, or should we admit, a web store shelf is exempt from responsibility.
In case of faulty performance of the consumer first of all - the choice - repair or replacement may claim, unless the performance of warranty claims selected impossible or if the web store for comparison to the other warranty claims performance of disproportionate additional costs would result, considering the things provided perfect conditions represented value the weight of breach of contract and the fulfillment of the legal liability to the claimant caused discomfort.
If not corrected or replaced no right or if the web store for rectification or replacement is not undertaken, or this obligation within a reasonable time, the consumer has caused no significant inconvenience can not meet - choice - an appropriate price reduction claim or withdraw from the contract. cancellation due to a minor defect is not allowed.
In case of improper performance of an order, within 6 months after delivery to the customer request the product repair, replacement, price reduction or rescind the contract. In case two years from the date of completion időpont¬jától hidden defect ér¬vényesíthetőek of warranty claims over a three-year limitation period. It must presume that recognized within 6 months after delivery defects existed already at the time of completion, after six months, the buyer bears the burden of proof of defective performance. The next 18 months there is no burden of proof to the web store. In case of rejection of the complaint, the customer is responsible consumer body occur. The adoption of the warranty claim the purchaser first choose between repair or replacement of the product. Second place ask for a price reduction or withdraw from the contract if the buyer corrected, no right to exchange or web store earlier in the fulfillment of the demands can not be met. The warranty claims of the web store and record the need to adequately address consumer protection regulations. If the customer wishes to enforce against vendor providing the service which is the subject of consumer contract of guarantee claim, the consumer in any case obliged to present proof of payment of the contract value (invoice / receipt). If the consumer's handling of the complaint or the web store's decision on the complaint does not agree, the relevant consumer protection body occur.

warranty conditions and legal provisions of the law 45/2014 of our company. (II.26.) Was compiled on the basis of Viktor Orbán Ministerial Regulation. The law gave the official website of the Hungarian Gazette, is available on the following link: http://www.kozlonyok.hu/nkonline/MKPDF/hiteles/MK14030.pdf

Pick Pack Point

  Pick Pack Point             


What is the Pick Pack point?
Pick Pack Point is an alternative courier package delivery company is nearly 130 cities in the country can be found in more than 550 Pick Pack Point one of which you can personally take over the Internet package ordered.



The cause of newspapers and Inmedio logóstores, and filling stations as well, which can be found at crowded places.  

The Relay stores transport nodes (MÁV, BKV, FKF, Volan companies Budapest Airport), the Inmedio stores in shopping malls, hypermarkets, large cities street filled, the main streets are found, whereas OMV and Avanti filling stations provide motorists easy access to you does not pose a problem receiving the package.
The ordered goods at the receiving location Pick Pack Point arrival we will notify you in writing, after which packages can take over instantly.
Through five days after the pack of the notice is available in the shops during opening hours, which in the case of newspapers stores on average from Monday to Sunday, from 08:00 - 20: 00 pm; and charging stations considerable part of every day 00:00 - 24 It is 00.
Other information on the exact details and opening hours of the shops are www.pickpackpont.hu/atveteli-pont side.

You can track the package www.pickpackpont.hu/csomagkereso side.

Pick Pack pricing by taking over the point on: 

    Order amount Shipping Fee

   Delivery fee    

    20 000 HUF gross purchase amount of     

     1.190- FT

    40 000 HUF gross purchase amount of

     1.390,- FT

More than 40 000 gross purchase amount is FREE OF CHARGE

When a great choice for the Pick Pack Point?
In the case of delivery by courier if you are too expensive or can not be a delivery at a specified time, or if you want the free time of their own to farm, be sure to select Comfort, personal relief package option.


What are the benefits of the pick?
The pick Pack is available at the receiving point for bank card payments in most Pick is just as quick and convenient as dispatch by courier, but the cash payment facility. The packages so on Saturday and even Sunday átvehetőek. (Prior to the receipt of the package www.pickpackpont.hu site is downloadable from the list can store a given Pick Pack Point orient the available payment methods.)


How do I request a personal acceptance?
Select the pick can be selected when ordering products prior to payment. You must set up a "close personal acceptance Pick Pack Point-on" option, then choose the Pick-Pack Point s list. The pick please, if possible, to print out an automatic confirmation e-mail notification or record the identification number of the order for faster execution.

The cast working day orders are processed within 24 hours after receipt of the product notified by letter. The ordered products, while for non-transport in Budapest can be picked up within 3 working days after arriving in Budapest within 5 working days of your choice Pick Pack Point cent.

Please note that on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, and there is no parcel delivery!
Watch the video feature!